• ART DUMP (latest)

    ART DUMP (latest)

    Art dump.I will organize it later. I’m currently experimenting with different approaches for hard surface shape creation. I’m familiar or at least have worked with -manually adding support loops -creasing to open-subdiv.  (max) -smoothing group to UV-island to polygroup (max + zbrush) -smoothing group to (quad) chamfer (max) -boolean to dynamesh (max + […]

  • interactive virtual walkthrough (Unity Engine)

    interactive virtual walkthrough (Unity Engine)

      Introduction I wanted to create a hyper-realistic experience for the oculus rift. My coding skills are pretty limited, therefore I resorted to virtual walkthroughs, minimal code, less headaches.  I was responsible for particles, rigid bodies, custom mesh colliders, Lighting, custom cg shaders, textures, optimization, models, color LUT etc, drawcall reduction. […]

  • This was part of a assignment, the model was modelled by someone else. My job was to finish the model. I did the UV’s , Normal maps, Diffuse, Specular. Xoliul Shader + 3DSmax Viewport.

  • Some ancient assets from the year 2009- 2010. UDK, Marmoset, Xoliul shader.  

  • zbrush


    Old Zbrush sculpts. 2008-2010  I keep them for the record.

  • A scifi arachnid that I’ve done for a client in 2011. 10380 triangles, 1 x 2048 Diffuse, 1 x 2048 Gloss/Specular,  1 x 2048 Normal. Lit with xoliul shader inside Max.   Lit inside UDK

  •   8218 triangles. 1 x 2048 Diffuse 1 x 2048 Gloss 1 x 2048 Specular 1 x 2048 Normal   Rigged and lit inside UDK.   Lowpoly with normals applied. Flat colors.

  • Splash damage public art test 2012.  Started  in 2013, finished in 2013. Assembled and lit inside UDK. (DX9) Used 8 x 1024’s,  2 x 512’s  for the total scene.  Specular derived from the diffuse.                       tesselation added for vertex blending The […]

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