• ART DUMP 2015-2016

    ART DUMP 2015-2016

    Temp art dump. 2015-2016   Game art only.  I will organize it later.       Redesign of the kabuto for 21’st century.   High poly source, decimated in ZB, rendered in Keyshot.             low-poly speed model 5 hours, textures in substance painter.        […]

  • interactive virtual walkthrough (Unity Engine)

    interactive virtual walkthrough (Unity Engine)

      Introduction I wanted to create a hyper-realistic experience for the oculus rift. My coding skills are pretty limited, therefore I resorted to virtual walkthroughs, minimal code, less headaches.  I was responsible for particles, rigid bodies, custom mesh colliders, Lighting, custom cg shaders, textures, optimization, models, color LUT etc, drawcall reduction. […]

  • This was part of a assignment, the model was modelled by someone else. My job was to finish the model. I did the UV’s , Normal maps, Diffuse, Specular. Xoliul Shader + 3DSmax Viewport.

  • Some ancient assets from the year 2009- 2010. UDK, Marmoset, Xoliul shader.  

  • zbrush


    Old Zbrush sculpts. 2008-2010  I keep them for the record.

  • A scifi arachnid that I’ve done for a client in 2011. 10380 triangles, 1 x 2048 Diffuse, 1 x 2048 Gloss/Specular,  1 x 2048 Normal. Lit with xoliul shader inside Max.   Lit inside UDK

  •   8218 triangles. 1 x 2048 Diffuse 1 x 2048 Gloss 1 x 2048 Specular 1 x 2048 Normal   Rigged and lit inside UDK.   Lowpoly with normals applied. Flat colors.

  • Splash damage public art test 2012.  Started  in 2013, finished in 2013. Assembled and lit inside UDK. (DX9) Used 8 x 1024’s,  2 x 512’s  for the total scene.  Specular derived from the diffuse.                       tesselation added for vertex blending The […]

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